ski touring

Escape and Discovery

The principle of cross-country skiing? Start with a climb on skis, skis are equipped with sealskins for ascending without slipping. The bindings of the skis (hike specific equipment) allow the heel to rise. Once you have reached the top you are ready for the well deserved descent. Remove your sealskins and enjoy!

The Off Piste Academy offers you   

  • Beautiful local spots: off piste outings around Arc 2000.  
Duration: half day
Minimum level: Class 3
  • Wide open spaces: off piste outings in Paradiski resort or in other ski resorts of Tarentaise area. Or you can go ski touring in
Vanoise or Beaufortain areas.  
Duration: full day
Minimim level: Class 3
Full day price (+ potential extra charges if taxi ride, other resort's skipass...)

For beginners, a half day booking is advised.

The meeting point for the ski touring is in Arc 2000 on the snow front, at the cable car "Cabriolet". The meeting point for your instructor will be symbolised by a grey flag "Private Lessons ESF".

Meet us every evening during the winter between 5pm and 6pm at ESF ARC 2000 Office.

ski touring

Full day or half day

  • From 1-5 people
  • Rapidly improve your ability and progress
  • Our instructors speak different languages: specify the desired language
  • Safet prepacked bag including; a transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Introduction to the use of a DVA
cross country skiing academy
Half Day  -  1 to 4 people190 €
Half Day  -  5 people230 €
Full Day - 1 to 4 people390 €
Full Day - 5 people410 €

cross country skiing

Ascent and Descent 

Half day or full day

190 €

carre neige insurance

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carre neige integral - insurance before and during your stay
6 days 22.20 €
5 days18.50 €
You can subscribe for other duration by phone3.70 € / day
carre neige - insurance during your stay
Opt for Carre Neige by phone or at our office3.00 € / day

an insurance to enjoy holidays with total peace of mind